Fat Foodie

Amazing how a love of all things food is detrimental to weight loss. Well, I had a bit of an epiphany and realize that maybe I can continue to be a Food Blogger and still enjoy my food. Vegetable food. Which is good and delicious and nutritious food. It just requires a bit of refrigerator organization and thoughtfulness before preparation. Unlike a bag of Hershey’s Eggies, which easily rips open, makes a soft happy tinking sound as you pour out a handful of these friendly pastel coloured, adorably small eggs that have a lovely crunchy-creamy texture. Mmmmm. Nom nom nom.

Vegetables. Let’s get back on track. You can see Rubes‘ vegetables are steamed, and it’s probably on account of people like me who are easily distracted to non-vegetable items, like a medium-rare New York cut of Alberta beef….mmmmmm. Nom nom nom.

You can see I will have a long and difficult road ahead of me, but I AM DETERMINED to whittle this body shape from fat to a healthy and energetic voluptuous. I have also signed up for delivery of fresh local produce from Eat Local First. Eat Local First was developed to help consumers find local food producers, processors and retailers. This means fresh vegetables. This means no more tasteless vegetable shapes from Safeway. Might mean I have to get used to less than perfect looking vegetables. Means I might have to get used to finding the occasional creepy crawly in my food.

It also means health, supporting local food producers, and being creative. We all have gone through Septembers with an abundance of tomatoes. You know, Mom planted one too many tomato plants and suddenly you have 10 photocopy paper box lids full of tomatoes sitting on counter and table tops, turning red in the sun. That’s when the creativity jumps in! I expect, in our cozy apartment of two, where we can barely think of what to do with an aging red pepper in the crisper, will do if we are bestowed an ENTIRE BAG of red peppers and BOX of zucchini in the same WEEK! 

I raise my glass of water in a toast: Here’s to good health!

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  1. Scott K says:

    Good luck to you. I've been there. With relatively minor changes to lifestyle and cooking, I lost 100 pounds. Feel free to take a look at my food blog. http://fightthefatfoodie.blogspot.com/

  2. Sounds like fun. I do not know if I could handle the loss of control with my vegetable purchase choices :)I am excited to read how the delivery service works out for you

  3. You know, grated zucchini makes a lovely, moist chocolate cake or loaf. Just sayin'.

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