I Had Dinner with David Adjey

Wow. What do you say? For once in my life I am having difficulty expressing an experience. I think the problem has something to do with being introduced into another realm of existence. Me, Cathy Walsh, Food Blogger by night, and government cubicle dweller by day meets David Adjey a man about money, the ladies, stories of drinking $25,000 bottles of wine, lap dances, names of famous people, stories of piles of Louis Vuitton on the living room floor, and certain things tasting “like ass”.

Of course, our commonality is our love of food and booze, and that alone levels the playing field at the table quite nicely. David was an amicable guy, easy to talk to and easy to listen to. His stories were mind boggling (the money) and delicious (his snippets of gossip about himself and other celebrities), and I’m sure there were a ton of wickedly delicious stories yet to be told, but I suspect he was being a bit reserved. I also feel he’s the sort of guy you could easily dislodge the stories if one were to go out for a proper night of drinking. Of course, I mean drinking with him. You could drink with me, I’ll tell you all I know, and we’ll have fun, but it won’t end up with nakedness or a lap dance….(at least I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t, but then one should really never say never).

About the food. NAIT did an outstanding job this evening. We had a “Tasting Menu” and it was drawn from David Adjey’s book Deconstructing the Dish (apparently there’s not a single copy left in Edmonton). The food was cooked up by NAIT students and consisted of:

spoon bread stuffing
kick-ass tartar sauce (it was kick-ass too)
wilted chicory (it was definitely wilted)

Arctic Char (my first experience) (I liked it)
fennel braise
Yukon gold dumplings (yum)

Pork Chop
rubbed with “stir-fry” paste
baby bok choy (I ate it because I’m suppose to eat greens)
kumquat-garlic sauce

crab hash
saffron aioli (oh yes)
“angry” fritter garnish (grrrrrrr)

Beef Tenderloin (heaven)
red wine jus
lobster butter (oh my oh my oh my)
buttermilk onion ring (I wanted to steal everyone else’s at the table)

The entire menu was delicious, but I side with David’s buddy Dan Aykroyd and pay homage to the buttermilk onion ring. It was out of this world.

I also pay special tribute to the young man who kept refilling my wine glass. It’s people like you, when you “just know”, and I don’t have to ask, or nod towards the glass, that makes for a perfect evening.

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  1. Wow, sounds fabulous! And, fittingly enough, you'll be able to "dine out" on this story for quite a while!

  2. Cathy, it was great to meet you! I agree… I'm really having a hard time expressing my thoughts on the evening (I actually couldn't even get it together during dinner to throw out a question! Oh well!). 'Another realm of existence' is a great way to describe it. The money, the gossip, the exes, the partying… boy, can he talk!The onion ring was my favourite too! Great post!

  3. Maki says:

    Gosh, you were sitting right next to me and that David Adjey just went on and on talking that I didn't really get to chat with you! :)Interesting evening for sure!

  4. Cathy – You summed it all up in your first paragraph! Hilarious. I still taste ass!XOValerie

  5. PS – was this really your first Arctic Char!? Get some… cook it up for your lovely hubby. NOW!XOValerie

  6. habanerogal says:

    Glad they didn't feed you any of the ass and that it was an entertaining and rewarding evening. Isn't it true how the love and appreciation of food levels the playing field. Well done cubicle dweller well done

  7. Interesting evening, indeed. Too bad they quite pouring the Prosecco, that table looked like it was just waiting to be danced on. Mind you, the last time I did that, I was 25, in a Greek restaurant and surrounded by Japanese businessmen. I'd probably break a hip now.Oh to be young again.

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