Biscuits and Mortal Kombat Annihilation

What do you think of the white background? Not sure how long this will last. You see, often I blog first thing in the morning, and the first light of day I see radiates from my monster sized monitor. Having a black background makes it a bit easier to pry the eyelids open. With this glare of white, it might be a bit more difficult to unglue the lids. 

It was a day of baking in the Walsh abode. Michael made us a loaf of his Irish Soda Bread, and I made us cheese biscuits to go along with our leftover stew. One would think I’d like to listen to a relaxing adagio whilst baking, or perhaps a bit of folk, but no, tonight I’m listening to Megadeth, and I do declare some damage is happening to my eardrums. But honestly, you can’t listen to heavy metal any lower than level 11. What would be the point?

Full-up of all things yummy and rib sticking, we’re now off to do a bit of skating/walking to get some fresh air.

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  1. Mmmm, nothing better than biscuits with stew! Love soda bread too.

  2. Khrys says:

    Mmmm…cheese biscuits…I'm preferring the white background. But if your authoring skills suffer major suckage due to early-morning retina fatigue, then I can respect your return of 'Back in Black'.

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