Year of the Tiger and St. Valentines – Grrrrr and Hugs!

Nothing says Gung Hei Fat Choy and Happy St. Valentine’s Day better than a batch of banana bran muffins. Okay, the heart-shaped boxed of truffles given to me by my legal lover does say it better, but banana bran muffins is all I had to offer this morning. Well, there was other stuff, but this is a family show.
The muffins are yummy, and taste healthy. You know what I mean. It’s not a Morning Glory muffin or a Pineapple Coconut or Butterscotch Pecan muffin that one buys at places like Treats and then call it breakfast. No, these are not sweet, but are chock full of fibre and banana, but still have the comforting smell of vanilla and warm baking that, to me, shouts out hugs and home and love.
The recipe belongs to Epicurious, and can be found by clicking the title of this post. I had to adapt the recipe (because that’s what I do). Switched out the butter for canola oil, added buttermilk instead of regular, used three bananas instead of two, and used wheat bran instead of oat bran. I live on the edge I tell you. Live on the edge.
We’re off for a coffee on Whyte Ave., then on a hunt for Year of Tiger stuff to adorn the house. I can never seem to find those lovely red and gold ornate calendars and lanterns.
Gung Hei Fat Choy!  Happy St. Valentine’s!

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  1. If your legal lover gave you truffles, what did your illegal lover give you? Ha ha!

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