Can Openers – For all Your Ninja Fighting Needs

Mom bought me a fantastic electric can opener for my birthday. Having used a manual crank opener since I’ve flown Mom’s nest, I  had no idea what I missing. I introduce to you, The Beast:

Tonight, we had a crusty baguette from Tree Stone Bakery, and Campbell’s Tomato Soup (full sodium). Michael used The Beast for the first time and declared it cut the lid into something that could be used as a shuriken. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but I can promise you, you must handle the cut lid with extreme care. It’s sharp and very weaponly.

Shuriken translates into a dagger (or sword) hidden in hand and is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon. For bonus points, you can read all about shurikens here:

For those nights I decide to walk home from work after dark, I can walk with confidence, as I will keep a few Campbell’s soup tin lids in my pocket, on the ready, so when I encounter an undesirable I will crouch into my best Ninja move, scream my best “Aeeeee eeeeeee oooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaa’s” and fling a soup lids at my adversary. It should have some affect, I’m sure.

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  1. Yes, I can see the headline in the Edmonton Journal now: "Ninja Soup Lids of Death Claim Another Victim! Police Mystified."

  2. Mariel says:

    Another Edmonton food blogger! This makes me happy! As does full sodium Campbell's (I know that's not really something to be happy about…but doesn't it feel good to rebel and buy full fat/sodium/etc every so often??). Also, happy belated birthday! Enjoy your can-opener (I'm jealous).

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