Solo Supper

Michael had a meeting after work, so while I waited for the bus on my commute home, I was having food fantasies. The question: What should I make for my supper? No limitations, no restrictions, I could cook anything my heart desired. I should explain that Michael is not a picky eater, but still, we each have our favourite things, they are just not necessarily the same.

While the rest of Edmonton is thinking “torch relay” and “where the bleepity-bleep is my bus?”, I’m thinking oven roasted chicken legs, a bowl of crispy salad, a nice big plate of pasta or a simple grilled steak. Actually, I didn’t fantasize about any of these food items, but I said I did, because they are the only things I can draw in shapes that vaguely resemble said food items. If I really knew how to draw, I would have sketched homemade macaroni and cheese and nalysnyky. Attempts to draw these items resulted in images that look like a plate of worms and cigars.

By the time I got home, my heart was set on mac and cheese, but I couldn’t find a recipe that I liked fast enough, and I had a bit of a deadline to get myself parked on the couch to switch between the news (to watch the torch relay), and Coronation Street (to see if Dierdre really does spy on Peter and discover he is still drinking). In a panic, I selected a tin of Campbell’s mushroom soup, and for dessert, a rum ball from the Italian Centre Shop on 51 Ave. I can’t help but wonder how much rum they put in those things, because I feel a bit giddy. I suppose it could be a sugar-buzz as well, because, after all, I haven’t had any chocolate or sugar, since, hmmmm, about 2:00 p.m.!

(On a completely different topic, the nice thing about blogs, is the informality. I sometimes fret, like this evening, about have a proper intro, body and conclusion. But with a blog

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  1. Twyla says:

    Well, well, well…what a nice find, this blog of yours. You gave me just the chuckles I needed this morning. As far as Mac & Cheese goes, I'm always on the hunt for a kick-butt recipe and finally found one last week on the Smitten Kitchen blog (one of my faves). It's a Martha Stewart recipe with some alterations, and my whole family of Mac & Cheese connoisseurs loved it, said it was the best one yet. Good luck, and keep writing!

  2. C Walsh says:

    Thank you Twyla! Yes, thank you very much indeed! I checked out the recipe, and plan to try it. Stay tuned. It certainly looks blog worthy just by the pictures alone.

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