Celebrity Bread!

After work and wading home through shin-high snow, decided a hearty soup for supper would be in order. And what thing better accompanies hearty soup, than “really good” bread!

Fans of my blog will know that I buy my bread at no other place than Tree Stone Bakery (except when I forget to buy bread to sustain us on Sundays and Mondays when Tree Stone is closed, and end up going to Safeway to pick up a loaf of their regular white bread, which interestingly NEVER goes moldy).

So into Tree Stone I go, and am greeted with a chorus of “We sold out”. Before I could sulk, I was asked if I would mind frozen loaves, which of course I don’t, but before I could answer, it was also declared to be “celebrity bread” because none other than Liane Faulder was by from the Edmonton Journal, and photographs were taken of the very same bread I was about to buy!

Just in case you miss the Edmonton Journal’s pictures, here’s the bread in all its half-eaten glory:

I made my purchase, and couldn’t resist going into Cally’s Teas to see if I could be tempted with some last minute gift items for Christmas. Seems I was in the wake of Liane Faulder, because she had just left Cally’s as well.

Cally’s is, without a doubt, one of the most charming little shops in Edmonton. The tea selection is incredible (I’m partial to her Earl Grey and Buckingham Palace Garden Party teas), and her assortment of gifts is eclectic, just like Cally herself. Cally never forgets my name, always has a pot of tea on the burner to share, and has delightful staff that wrap your purchases up so pretty that they can just go directly under the Christmas tree.

So, aglow with scoring celebrity bread and sampling a magical tea that tasted of blueberries, headed home to heat up a large pot of hamburger soup, prep thick slices of bread with cold unsalted butter, and switch on telly in time for Coronation Street. Obviously it worked its magic because hubby is fast asleep on the La-Z-Boy, and I tell you, the temptation to take his pic and post it is almost irresistible!!!

Postscript: I just read that Nancy Rubuliak has sold Tree Stone!! I need to sit down.

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