Busy Work Week

After the marvelous dinner at Culina last week, there didn’t seem to be much reason to try to cook, as anything I would do these past few days would not compare. Alas, we must eat, so our suppers have consisted of: tomato soup with rustic baguette from Tree Stone Bakery (Nancy, the owner, is the epitome of great bakers), my World Famous Melted Cheese on Toast, and a bowl of popcorn.

Lunches have been a functional assortment of foodstuffs found in the Food Court at Canada Place or Dim Sum at New Tan Tan. It’s for these reasons I have the body the shape of an award winning pumpkin.

I get quite ticked with myself for not bothering to pack a lunch/snacks for work. As we all know, stuff we bring in can be much healthier, much cheaper, and much better tasting. But it requires a bit of forethought and the use of my bodily energy in the evening, and lately, I’ve had neither! The call of the couch, my feather blankets and Fringe has won any arguement with the dietitian that is trying desperately to make her way out of my brain, into motivation, and to create breakfasts of berry smoothies with a slice of whole grain toast, lunches of bananas and yogurt, vegetable sticks for snacks, and chicken breast, brown rice and salad for supper…. and in between time flitting off the gym to do a Bikram yoga class, then a spin class, followed by a circuit on the weights and a run home. I’m exhausted writing about it.

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