Monday through Wednesday, I’ve trudged along the streets of Edmonton to get myself home from work. Each day, sucking in the fumes of the passing cars and trucks, but not enough fumes to stop me from feeling smug and superior that I am relying on my own sticks to get me home.

Haven’t been writing each day, because, quite frankly, I am finding out people other than my Mom are reading this blog, and I’m getting stage fright! STAGE FRIGHT! ME! Normally I have words spewing in all directions from my fingers. Now I find I have nothing to say…. nothing witty enough, funny enough, or smart enough, not that I ever did mind, but before I didn’t care as much, because I didn’t think it was being read!

That’s enough work for today… it’s 4:57 am. I’m crawling back into bed. Zzzzzzzzz.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Im reading it too! And I love it.

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