Puttering on the Peninsula

Being holiday Monday yesterday, we decided to stick to the peninsula for the day. We started with a walk through the gardens, followed by a nice lunch and tea. After that, we strolled through Sidney and spent a bit of time looking at chocolate at Rogers, books at Tanners, and incense at some new age shop. I love some incense (others are gag inducing and cause my eyes to water). Find the right kind, and WOW, mellow right out and relax. Plus, it helps make that hotel smell go away and the place smells a bit more like home. We had a bit of a nap in the afternoon, found dinner (ordered pizza on-line and were a bit disappointed with the quality – but it was food), and then went for a long walk in the evening. We crossed the highway, and snooped through a neighbourhood called Lochwood, but we thought it was misspelled and should be Lockwood, for it had several gated communities.

That was our day. Today we plan to get up island to Chemainus. We’ll see how that goes!

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