Friday at our Place

What. A. Week. A confidence shared. Embarrassment.  Spilled my full-to-the-top water bottle all over my keyboard, mouse, telephone, pants, floor. All while trying to be professional during a telephone call. Not sure that a screamed “OH CRAP” (*whispered: I actually screamed OH SHIT but someone I work with might be reading this, so oh crap is my official statement*) is professional, but thankfully person on the other end of the phone had a sense of humour.

In among the little black cloud hanging over my head (if you live in Edmonton, you can see it, just look out your window), there are some things that make all this okay. A co-worker who happens to have a stack of paper towel to soak up the water. Friends who are supporting. Friends who are forgiving. Friends that understand me. Pants that are indestructible. A husband who loves me. Fighter planes flying overhead. A bottle of wine. Crystal that resonates a beautiful ping. And, dare I say it, Matt Monro. I know, I know, he’s not Peter Fox or Massive Attack, my usual fare, but sometimes you need to hear a voice that works on memories of days gone by to get out of a funk.

Anyway, enough about me. Let’s talk about supper. Supper! Oh yes, grey skies and a resigned acceptance that I’ll be indoors all evening has inspired a hearty, beefy pasta sauce.

Here’s the ingredients:

Here’s the recipe:

Brown the beef. Chop the organic stuff in small pieces. Add to the beef. Add a generous glug of wine. When nice, add the tomatoes. In another pot. Boil water. Add pasta. Cook. Drain. Add sauce. Grate the best Parmesan cheese you can find**. Drink wine. Dance. Fall asleep on the sofa cozied up with husband.

**One of the things I am so unbelievably grateful for in Edmonton is the Italian Centre Shop.  I cannot say enough nice things about this place. The deli is AMAZING, and they always have that ingredient you need but you can’t find anywhere else. In my pic you can see the the La Povencella whole tomatoes, and the Italissima strained tomatoes. These are standard pantry purchases for us. These tomatoes are delicious. Sexy food because they are Italian. And are sold at a reasonable price. Teresa Spinelli has done an amazing job of continuing her father’s legacy. Frank Spinelli would be very proud indeed.