Change is the norm these days, and our little packets of Heinz Tomato Ketchup is on the bandwagon and shaking things up.

Today, when I ordered my grilled cheese (with extra orange coloured cheese I might add) and dried sad fries from the Standard Life building food court, I was excited, yes EXCITED to pick up this packet of ketchup to turn my fries into something I might actually eat:

It’s square. It’s about double the amount of ketchup from the old packet. It’s almost big enough that you could keep it in your fridge and apply it to a sore knee as a cold compress. Yes! Heinz has invented the multi-purpose ketchup pack!

People, this is the reason I use ketchup, and not catsup. I want multi-purpose use ketchup packs!

My Mom, Helen, absolutely LOVES ketchup (she is a die-hard Heinz Ketchup woman – our home has never, EVER even considered catsup or generic), and adds generous blobs to everything. I think Heinz had her in mind when they came out with this new, double-pack pack.

Hats off to Heinz!