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Lunch today was at HealthFare Restaurant, on the SE corner of Jasper Avenue and 103rd Street (officially 10279 Jasper Ave). I went with my sister, whom I am lucky enough to work with, and we were joined by two co-workers who had the same idea. I think we caught them off-guard. One of those awkward situations where they probably wanted to be alone, but felt obligated to join us. More the merrier I say! 😉

HealthFare is about fresh and clean, and this is reflected in their decor. The place is surrounded by windows and is bright, cheerful, clean and spacious. The menu is posted on LCD monitors, the staff friendly, and the food choices are all about clean eating. I selected the butternut squash soup and side beet salad, which was filling and delicious. My sister had the charred chicken salad, and claimed it to be delicious, but…

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