….runs in slightly out of breath…. settles in front of computer…. wee bit of brandy in a snifter (#$%@ the snifter, downs it in one gulp), a mug of tea, takes a deep breath, holds, exhales… and we begin!

Hello world! It’s me! I’m back for a moment. Life is happening outside the confines of my computer, and is keeping me preoccupied.  Life has a way of sucker-punching us the stomach sometimes. Things went sideways back in November. They have remained on their side, but we are slowly getting used to living in a sideways world.

I am always encouraged, lifted, brightened by the love, support and caring of my family and friends. Especially my Mom, the very woman I write about who is having life happen to her right this minute. I don’t feel right broadcasting her news, but I do know she would be especially pleased if you kept her, us, in your thoughts, prayers, toasts, or while eating toast.


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4 thoughts on “Life

  1. When I think of your mom, I think of her at the Run for the Cure a few years back, saying “that Howie Mandel can really dance, can’t he”. Here’s hoping that she’s dancing again soon – thinking of you.

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